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While the writing and production of my first book, Time Enough, was underway, the images in this section were not updated as often as usual; Manannan Mac y Leirr (the piece you may remember from the top of this page), was an integral part of that story and it seemed fitting to leave the image here for a time. This painting, as you will read in the chapter excerpt below, was acquired by the Manx National Gallery in 2012.

Virtually all the paintings created since that time were private commissions (and not for sale), nevertheless, a few favourites have been posted below. Thank you again to all my regular collectors, and new online contacts too (Those who own the pieces here especially), for your continuing interest; both Time Enough, and my current book project, would not have been possible so soon with an exhibition schedule to maintain. The first edition of Time Enough, I'm happy to report, is now almost out of stock. As work continues on the next project (approximately half complete at this point) short excerpts will be available for those who have signed up for email updates. In the meantime, please enjoy these selected works – new images will be added periodically.     Mailing list request  –  Book Inquires  –  Commission Inquires

W. David Ward_Townhall
15" x 32.5" – Acrylic on Canvas

W. David Ward_ Quieescence
16" x 24" – Acrylic on Canvas

W. David Ward_Fishing
17" x 26 " (detail) – Acrylic on Canvas

W. David Ward_Discovery  
W. David Ward_Tomiko
"Tomiko" 9" x 12"Acrylic on canvas

W. David Ward_Morning-air
"Discovery" 36" x 24 "Acrylic on canvas
"Morning Air" 10" x 13"Acrylic on canvas
On April 5th, 2010, I was fortunate enough to attend the last night launch of the shuttle program (Second last mission for the space shuttle Discovery). This recreation of the moment (painted rather a long time after the actual event) is a portrayal of the launch,as seen from Banana Creek, just moments before that critical moment: 'Maximum Q' ( pics and video).
(above) Two images from my 2015 Cottage Country Calendar. Since 2001 I have created a calendar of my paintings (in this theme) many of which are commission by collectors, who also happen to own a cottage, cabin, camp or country home, somewhere comfortably removed from the bustle of city life. Here (and below) are a few of the most recent.

"Walking on Ice" 10.5" x 13.5"Acrylic on canvas


The painting 'Manannan Mac y Leirr' springs from an impression that came to mind when I first saw an aerial map of the Isle of Man. The shape suggested the body of a man breaching the surface of the sea. The mountain ridge from Snaefell to North Barrule appears as the bones in his neck, as the figure drops his head beneath the waves off Maughold Head. Reaching forward with his left arm, he seems about to dive down into another world, to that mythical city beneath the sea, and around him swirls a shroud of mist and clouds. Who else could this be but Manannan son of the Sea? Continue reading (below) and/or click on the page-spread image here, to read the first part of this story in Chapter 18: Tynwald Day

"Manannan Mac y Leirr"
18" x 13.5 " – Acrylic and oil on Canvas – 2012

From beneath the surface shine strange lights. Maybe these are the lights of the 'city beneath the waves.' It is said the cauldron of regeneration came into this world from under the sea. I have introduced only the faintest suggestion of this form beneath the figure, placed in such a way as it suggests a halo, as in Christian iconography. But these stories reach back much further; ancient Celtic stories of the cauldron are, in fact, precursors to the Grail legends. The idea of a magical cauldron speaks to me on a personal level, as the island has long been a place of regeneration. Since I first visited the island with my father 1996, I have been drawn back year after year. As though having traveled to the mythical 'other world,' I return to my own everyday life reinvigorated and re-inspired.

To view a selection of older works, see the "Portfolios" section of this site. The vast majority of these paintings are sold but you may enjoy the stories. A number of available works can be seen at the Loch Gallery locations in Toronto and Calgary.

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