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Late last year, two new galleries were added to the Portfolio page. All of these new works were included because of the stories that accompany them. "Trickster," the first new gallery, highlights a perennial theme in the artist's work, and the paintings here span twenty-one years, from 1989 to 2010. "Collection" is a sample of favourite works from the artist's personal collection. In more than 22 years of painting, only twenty some pieces remain unsold. Most of these can be seen at Loch Gallery in Toronto (Two additional pieces were moved to the "Works Sold" page in Feb). The paintings selected for the new "Collection" gallery however (lower right) all hang on the walls of the artist's home. Additional pictures, and narratives, have been added for all eight of these images. Click on "Read More" immediately below each painting.  Additional material will be added in the "Trickster" gallery later next month.

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