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Since all of my previous updates, going back four years now, are still available on line, they will be made more easily accessible in future by linking them all, in order, from this page. At present, just those still linked from the "Currently" have been relocated here, but the others will be organized and listed here too in the near future.

Snowdon - New Galleries

View images from the two last updates.  Snowdon,
climbing in North Wales, June. Four new subject
specific galleries were posted on the Portfolio
page in August, under the following headings:
Arctic - Urban - Landscapes - Commissions

Mexico - Shuttle launch STS131

View images from the two last updates – which includes pictures from a trip to Mexico in February, when I visit San Miguel de Allende for the first time in 21yrs. In 1988 I lived here & began my art career. Also: The launch of STS 131

Eldorado and the American Southwest

To view images from earlier updates – including pictures from a climb in Washington State in the late summer of
2009 & road trip through Arizona, New Mexico Colorado
and Utah – click on either of the following links:
Eldorado - The Southwest

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