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Post-ReEncounter Update
Part 2

The ReEncounter team on our last day in Gwaii Haanas, awaiting pick-up on the beach at Raspberry Cove - see map at bottom page.   
Back:  April White,   Charlie White,   Anja Karisik   W. David Ward  Gary Landon  Robert Landon
Middle Group:   Wolff-Rüduger Neumann   Andrew Sookrah   Sophie Lavoie   Allison Smith
Front:   Joseph Crawford
Photo courtesy of Joseph Crawford

From the beginning: Arriving in Haida Gwaii

Ferry from Sandspit
Queen Charlotte City
Looking for supplies

The three images above, and the one immediately to the right, were captured on a new camera, which – I later discovered – had been set on some odd new function (I'd not found time to read the manual before leaving). I didn't encounter these charming and unexpected 'fragments of time', until I finally downloaded all of my images. The following two video clips are about as candid (and amateur) as it's possible to be, but I hope they transport you, as they do us, to the our first couple of days in Haida Gwaii: the flight from Vancouver to the summit of Sleeping Beauty, with it's commanding view of Queen Charlotte City and South Moresby

The team spent six days in Queen Charlotte City, Skidegate and Masset, before heading off to Gwaii Haanas. Many of the pictures from this time, and a handfull of stories, I will save for later updates, but here (in video form) I would like share one of the more memorable events, a local celebration of culture at the Community Centre in Skidegate, on June 4th. I hope you'll enjoy the following dance performance: Eagle, Raven and the 'Men's Challenge' - in which Andrew and Robert didn't hesistate to particpate - I happend to be in the balcony at the time, recording .

Heading for Gwaii Haanas
Day One

Loading kayaks at Moresby Camp, and on the ramp, preparing for the journey south to Tanu.

Heading out from Moresby Camp (above) : Video clip 6 - Video clip 7

Setting up camp on Kunga Island, across from the Tanu vilage site . We spent two days here, to explore and film. See the earlier update for images of ReEncounter 's long awaited re-encounter.

End of day one

Day Two

Andrew begins work on his painting 'Handing Back The Names'. Joe and Allison document.

Much of Day Two was spent at the village, Andrew and I did interviews and recorded more material. We did some drawing, and put a little paint to canvas (very little, in my case - more later) but a number of Andrew's pieces, and the stories that accompany them, will soon be posted on his own site:   www.     For now though, here is the
piece you see him composing in the picture above, 'Handing Back The Names'. Sophie, Anja and Wolff, meanwhile, went snorkling; Sophie, of course, in pursuit of her passion for underwater scenes. The philosophy behind her work is compelling, and I hope you'll click on her painting below (right) and visit her site:  Sophie Lavoie Fine Art     Anja's work can be viewed at the following:  Anja Karisik



Anja makes her way to the shoreline
Sophie's underwater art

(Below) Most days concluded with a campfire on the beach and, of course, a review of the maps, in order to plan for the day ahead. Electronic gizmos – GPS trackers and the like – are all very well, when they work, but there' s nothing like a proper map if you really want to get a picture of things. You still can't beat an old-fashioned compass & chart, in my opinion.

Route Map: from Tanu, to Rose Harbour (Rasberry Cove) and SGangGwaay. Download a collage: dog-eared map sections – as seen on the beach above – with campsites, lunch stops, and various other odd notation. Follow along as we post additional pictures and stories:   MAP (2 MB download)

The ReEncounter expedition was only a beginning. We hope you will follow us, and even join us, as we continue our journey. Thank you again for your generous support.    GoFundMe - ReEncounter


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