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The 'Edenshaw - ReEncounter' 2nd annual youth excursion

The ReEncounter artists would like to thank the collectors who made it possible for the group to support this year's projects; in particular, the second annual 'Edenshaw – ReEncounter' youth excursion in Haida Gwaii.
In particular, we would like to acknowledge Mississauga based, Edenshaw Developments Inc., for funding a full one-third of this year's youth excursion; and the Haida Gwaii operater, Highlander Marine Services, for making the project possible 'at cost'. We must

The ReEncounter team at home in Toronto. (left) Andrew Sookrah, (Gary's Partner, Lynn, sitting in for April white)Gary Landon, Sophie Lavoie(visiting from Winnipeg),W. David Ward and Anja Karisik.
also express our gratitude to Harmony Williams, at the Old Masset Youth Program, for organizing the participants, and to Jaalen Edenshaw for providing note books, sketch pads and mechancal pencils, so the group could express their experiences in picture and words. We hope to share some of this work later. The itinerary was as follows:
6:30am Participants depart Old Massett - 9am Gwaii Hanaas Orientation at Kaay
10:30 Participants depart to Gwaii Hanaas - 12:30 Lunch at Skedans - 2:00 Tour of Tanu
3:30 Windy bay for overnight - Friday July 14th - Participants travel back to Old Massett

The group prepared to leave early on the morning of July 13th. Danny Robertson of Highlander Marine Services provided the picture above (and the account below). The passengers were chosen because they had never been to Gwaii Haanas. The same was true even for the adult Youth Group workers. The goal of this project is to reconnect younger generations with their culture in the environment which shaped and nurtured this vibrant, creative society. Reconnecting with nature, we believe, is just as important as preserving traditional culture; the two, in fact, are inextricably connected.

'The trip to windy bay as a complete success! Under somewhat grey skies they departed (see pictures below) and headed off on their adventure. The weather was agreeable but a little bumpy on the trip around and down off the Sandspit bar, things smoothed out as they got into Gwaii Haanas. They stopped for lunch and a long visit at the village site of Skedans before arriving at Windy Bay in the late afternoon. On the trip home they visited the village site of Tanu, where they were treated to fresh made fried bread and cinnamon buns by the watchmen on site, and passed by the sea lion rookery off of Reef Island to see the colony that lives there. All in all it was a great trip and we were thrilled to be able to support it. Hopefully, as you mention, we can build on this success going forward in the future!'    –   Danny Roberston

Old Masset Youth Program

Picture posted by the participants: Old Masset Youth Program (top left) Sea Urchins (top right) The Legacy Pole and the Watchman Cabin at Windy Bay (lower left) Drawing of the Legacy Pole (middle) Sea Urchin delicacy (lower right) 1000 year old cedar & the group.

Standing poles at Skedans

Watchman cabin and long house foundations at Skedans

Totem pole details at Skedans - Skedans photos: Annika I.

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